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Aksie is a business development consultant in area of circular economy, that has solutions for recycling your wastes as recycling raw material.

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Information about company

From waste to value

Aksie is a business development consultant focusing on sustainability solutions. We believe in future where there is no waste, only resources. Recycling of industrial waste is most often not any problem. But how to set economy in optimum?

We clarify the recyclability of certain waste material, and how to improve its value chain. We search for the right partners and contacts, so you can get the best benefit from your production waste. Cost turns into an income!

We use natural resources responsibly, create products from recycled and reused materials with the help of natural energy solutions. Our vast experience and contact network in waste reuse as well as recycling has created a rock solid foundation to identify, facilitate and produce state of the art solutions. We serve various industries and bring together key players in domestic as well as international markets. Together we build new value chains and sustainable business for the future.

Our Services

Circular economy

Recycling has become an integral part of life and business. To your company’s benefit, recyclable materials have become commodities. The opportunity to generate revenue as a result of recycling has become a reality. Aksie provides sourcing, procurement and sustainable materials management in a world of finite resources.

Clearing of recyclability

Whatever is your material – a clearance of recyclability clarifies how recyclable it is:

1. Suitability: which industry uses this kind of material as recycling raw material?
2. Handling: how to make this material to suitable for transporting and storing?
3. Users: which companies demands this material and offers best alternative with respect to both environment and economy
4. Bureaucracy: Aksie handles the required announcements of waste transfers, contracts and permits.
5. Practice: choice of best procedure of treatment and transport and its implementation.

Match making

The real question is not how to recycle but how to do business with it? To identify real recycling potential means planning functional value chains and knowing the right people to make them happen.

At Aksie we specialize in bringing together the right partners, suppliers, buyers and other relevant parties to realize your recycling business potential. Locally and globally. Want to go out on a date?

Process design

The recycling process typically involves a number of steps, including collection, transportation, sorting, processing into usable raw materials and finally to produce new products.

The people at Aksie have been creating recycling solutions for over three decades in various industries as well as the consumer segment. With our vast experience, network and deep insight on future possibilities, we can first identify the recycling potential in your operations and then plan all the necessary steps to make it reality.


Environmental concerns making headlines daily, clearly recycling is the best option for managing your company’s waste and Aksieis here to help you. Decreased operating costs, increased business revenues and streamlined processes are the foundation of our expert services. If you’re serious about reuse and recycling, we are your partner.

We stay flexible and responsive, providing intelligent, modern, actionable solutions to the sustainability challenges of our time.


Are all the participants in the recycling process capable of handling, sorting and storing waste and reusable materials correctly?

Training in necessary for instance when launching new recycling procedure in new office locations. Having the right knowledge about recycling and its reasons and effects, motivates participants to act optimally in order to achieve the best results.

We offer training services tailored to our customers together with training organisations.

Got interested?

Find out the best way of utilizing the wastes and side fractions of your production!

Recycling and reuse

Waste of one industry is valuable raw material for another

Running a business in a sustainable manner isn’t just good for the environment — it’s also good for the bottom line. With so many products being made out of recycled materials the opportunities are endless. Also, some companies are seeking alternative inputs to their processes, which creates a whole new market for particular resources that would otherwise have been considered as waste.

Our future will be built on recycled materials. Contact Aksie and together we will turn waste into value.

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Paper and carton
  • Glass
  • Rubber

Metals are valuable materials that can be recycled again and again without degrading their properties. Scrap metal has financial value and recycling of metals preserves natural resources. This is especially true with non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, zinc and tin as well as precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Recycling saves money and allows manufacturing businesses to reduce their production cost.

Plastics can be molded into various products which find uses in a wide assortment of applications. They are durable, lightweight and inexpensive. As a result, the production and uses of plastics have increased significantly. Consequently, the reuse and recycling of plastics is extremely important to a company´s competitiveness and also to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our environment.

Nearly all paper and carton can be recycled and reused for the benefit of our environment as well as the economy. Recycling requires much less energy and produces significantly less pollution than production from “virgin” materials. The large Finnish paper and carton industry has been a forerunner in developing good recycling practices.

Glass makes up a large component of household and industrial waste. Glass is ideal for recycling since none of the material is degraded by normal use and it is virtually infinitely reusable. Recycling uses less energy than manufacturing from “virgin” materials so it also economical. Glass is recycled into new glass products as well as raw material for construction materials like insulation.
Recycling of rubber is mainly recycling waste tires, conveyor belts and blasing mats. Tires are a challenging source for recycling due to large volume, durability and composition. Recycled tires are shredded into rubber grain that can be used in land construction processes and water treatment. Rubber is also burnt in high temperatures for energy. New techniques and innovations promise far better recycling opportunities for the future. The applications represented by Aksie are rubber tiles to gyms and playgrounds, new blasting mats for blasting works isolation and rubber granules for grass filling in stadiums, production of other rubber products, production of bitumen roofs etc.
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Riku Räätäri


“I’m passionate about recycling and sustainability potential in business. Contact us and let’s sit down to talk about how we can help you!”

Director Riku Räätäri has been transforming sustainability challenges into business opportunities successfully in various sectors such as

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